Nicholas Baldick

Founder & Managing Partner - Washington, DC

The Washington Harbour
3050 K St. NW
Suite 210
Washington, DC 20007

Nicholas R. Baldick is the Managing Partner of Hilltop Public Solutions, focusing his efforts managing large-scale issue, coalition and organizing campaigns. With over two decades of experience in the political arena, Baldick brings his nationally recognized expertise and reputation to current business and public affairs concerns.

As a public affairs strategist, Baldick has successfully managed numerous campaigns on behalf of a number of Fortune 100 companies. These efforts have included nationwide campaigns on behalf of the nation’s largest financial services firm, the world’s largest private healthcare provider and one of the world’s largest airlines. In 2010, Baldick managed the largest, most expensive issue campaign in history, when he helped a group of health care stakeholders build support for the passage of health care reform. This effort involved a team of twenty consultants and campaigns in over 20 states.

Nick began his political career in 1992 on the presidential campaign of then Governor Bill Clinton. He went on to work in the Clinton White House, to run President Clinton’s Florida re-election campaign in 1996 and then serve as a strategist for Vice President Gore’s campaign in 2000. As a result of his work on this last effort, the late-columnist Robert Novak dubbed Nick the operative who “[saved] Al Gore from oblivion.”

In campaign politics, Baldick has served as a lead political strategist to campaigns for president, Congress and state Attorney General, as well as several major independent expenditures. He is known in political circles as a strong manager who brings years of strategic campaign experience to the efforts he joins.

A recent list of candidates that have relied on Baldick’s counsel include Bill de Blasio for Mayor (New York City) Steve Bullock for Governor (MT) and Chris Koster for Attorney General (MO).

In 2003, Nick served as the national campaign manager for Senator John Edwards’ 2004 presidential campaign. As campaign manager, Nick developed, refined and oversaw the execution of the campaign’s strategic plan and day-to-day operations, while managing the campaign’s 150 employees and roughly $33 million in expenditures.

Nick received his law degree at NYU and his undergraduate degree in Government and History at Georgetown University.