Our Services

At a time when campaigns are growing increasingly complex, relying on yesterday’s tactics and strategies is not enough. Hilltop offers innovative and cutting-edge ways to mobilize your allies, persuade decision makers and achieve your policy goals.


Even in the age of the Internet and social media, surveys show that letters, phone calls and personal communications from prominent constituents remain one of the most effective ways to persuade undecided lawmakers and their senior staff. In our grasstops practice, we recruit influential validators in targeted communities and mobilize these advocates as they share their story. Grasstops is one way to ensure your likely and unlikely allies are speaking on the big issues before Congress and the states.

Coalition Building

Our national network of organizers gives us the ability to find supporters across the country, and our experience as campaign managers helps us bring together stakeholders and merge their competing agendas into a winning campaign. We build coalitions that impact debates.

Public Affairs

Many of today’s most disruptive policy debates are taking place at the state or local level. Hilltop has affiliates in every state, and we use this network of public affairs professionals to help our clients inject their voices into local policy debates. Our network gives us the ability to run campaigns efficiently and effectively across the country.



Hilltop provides clients a number of ways to mobilize grassroots using the latest digital and offline tools. Over time, lawmakers and voters alike have learned to tune out generic, cookie-cutter campaigns. That is why Hilltop has developed new ways to organize and break through.

Campaign Management

When managing campaigns, Hilltop relies on lessons learned in our political work. We believe in planning, research and pro-active messaging. Too often we have seen good causes fail because they jump from crisis to crisis, stumble over predictable challenges or fail to communicate their message. As managers, we are known for discipline, overseeing many moving parts and offering unvarnished, unbiased advice.


Digital strategy, from social media, to online advertising, to email fundraising and engagement, is critical for any campaign. We’ll help you build your list, activate and mobilize supporters and spread your message online.