Thomas A. Mosher, Esq.


909 N. Beech Street
Suite 210
Portland, OR 97227

Thomas brings a seasoned perspective to Hilltop’s campaigns team, with over 15 years of experience working on campaigns and policy at all levels of government on both coasts.

Thomas is a graduate of Temple University Beasley School of Law with a focus in legislation and public policy, Temple’s Undergraduate program with a focus on the history social movements and what makes them work, and University County Cork focusing on Freedom of Information Law. His combined knowledge of the general processes as well as the legal frameworks involved in all aspects of campaign work makes him especially adept at managing a wide array of campaigns.

Thomas began his political career in 2001, working as assistant finance director for the re-election of Philadelphia Mayor John F. Street. Over the following 12 years and over a dozen campaigns Thomas worked in finance, field, communications, operations, political outreach, and as elections law counsel for candidates at the municipal, regional, statewide, and federal level, as well as a number of local and statewide ballot measures.Since moving to Oregon from Philadelphia in 2014, Thomas has been the Press Secretary for a statewide ballot measure, managed campaigns for a Portland City Council candidates, multiple candidates for the Oregon State Legislature, and worked as a consultant on more than half a dozen state and regional bond, levy, and ballot measures. Before joining Hilltop, Thomas was the lobbyist for the Working Families Party of Oregon in the 2016 Legislative session, where he worked on the team that successfully advocated for the Fair Work Week Bill, the nation’s first statewide worker scheduling protection legislation.
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