Rachel Gowland


909 N. Beech Street
Suite 210
Portland, OR 97227

Rachel’s political career began in 2010 working on a State House race in her hometown, Medford Oregon. Since then she’s worked on nationally targeted races in a variety of political environments across the country. Rachel helped re-elect Jon Tester to the United States Senate in 2012 and worked on US Senator Kay Hagan’s reelection campaign in 2014. In 2016, Rachel ran a highly targeted Oregon State Senate race which resulted in a 15%+ win.

Rachel has previously worked as a staff member for multiple members of the Oregon Legislature where she was involved with a wide array of policy discussion ranging from public education to land use to women and family issues.

Rachel was a founding member of the University of Oregon’s “Students United for Marriage” and advocated for students throughout her time at the University of Oregon. Other community involvement includes her work with the Center for Women’s Leadership, where Rachel serves as the Vice Chair of the Alumnae Board and focuses developing the next generation of women leaders.

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