K.C. Boyle

Principal - New York

32 Court St.
Suite 2109
Brooklyn, NY 11201

With over ten years experience as a political strategist, K.C. has brought his expertise to city government, organized labor, and more than a dozen successful political campaigns, including Mayor de Blasio’s landslide 2013 victory. Early in his career, K.C. worked as an organizer in several primary states for President Obama’s historic 2008 campaign. In this capacity he worked hand-in-hand with the pioneers behind the President’s renowned data, analytics, and digital media teams. He later applied this foundational experience as a Chief of Staff in the New York City Council, serving a district with over 150,000 constituents. K.C. went on to serve as Political Director for New York City’s largest entertainment union, managing the organization’s political action committee, legislative agenda, and communications strategy. He has worked on numerous municipal campaigns throughout his career, including for Mayor Bloomberg (2009), New York State Comptroller Thomas Dinapoli (2010), and nearly a dozen city council races. In recent years, K.C. has worked on several statewide corporate advocacy campaigns, and has overseen a broad portfolio of work addressing the city, state and federal legislative priorities of national corporate clients.

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