Joel Freston, MPA

Principal - Idaho

702 W. Idaho St.
Suite 1100
Boise, ID 83702

Joel brings over a decade of experience successfully managing political campaigns, leading community engagement processes and strategizing on public communications.

Prior to joining Hilltop, Joel lead several mountain west political campaigns, worked with a San Francisco-based civic engagement firm, and for local government. When it comes to engaging a broad community, Joel has demonstrated the skills needed in facilitating dialogue, strategizing communications and building consensus by designing and managing open and inclusive involvement programs in both the public and the private sector.

As the Public Affairs Manager for a San Francisco-based firm, Joel lead the government relations and public communications for several private downtown development projects. Joel acted as the public relations spokesperson, mobilized the grassroots to influence the grasstops, and developed needed community support for projects — even in contentious environments where proposals created tradeoffs among stakeholders.

After working to elect a progressive mayor in a decidedly red state, Joel served as the Community Relations Manager for the Salt Lake County Mayor’s Office where he was tasked with leading several community outreach campaigns and spearheaded communications around initiatives ranging from snow plows and potholes to annexations and land-use policy.

Over the past 10 years Joel has served as a Campaign Manager, Communications Director, and Field Director for numerous campaigns, ranging from Obama for America to gubernatorial, legislative, county and municipal level elections across the country, including California, Idaho, Utah, and Wisconsin.

He is proud to call Idaho home, and in his spare time you will find Joel enjoying Idaho’s rivers, wilderness, and public lands at his family’s cabin in Island Park, Idaho.

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