Joe Emmons

Associate - Oregon

909 N. Beech Street
Suite 210
Portland, OR 97227

Joe is the Director of Campaign Services for Hilltop Oregon.

In 2010 Joe began his political career in non-profit community outreach and lobbying, working on issues in over a half dozen states. Joe spent the 2014 cycle in Austin, Texas where he successfully worked to elect three Progressive candidates to local offices, helping to create a female majorities Austin City Council and Travis County Commission for the first time.

Since returning to Oregon in 2015, Joe has run multiple ballot measure races, including highly efficient qualification campaigns of State and City-wide measures.

Joe has worked on a wide variety of issues over the years throughout the country including: rural agricultural concerns, expansion of urban and suburban public transportation services, statewide public education funding, fair taxation practices, and a multitude of environmental issues ranging from desert water conservation measures to the promotion of biodegradable food wares in coastal states.

Joe attended the University of Oregon.

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